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LASTIP : Applications

• FP(Fabry-Perot) Lasers

• DFB(Distributed Feedback) Lasers

• DBR(Distributed Reflector) Lasers

LASTIP : Physical Models and Advanced Features

반도체 레이저의 임의의 2차원 단면에 대해, LASTIP은 Continuous Wave(CW) 또는 Transient condition 하에서 다음의 기본 방정식을 풉니다.

Poisson's equation

• Time-dependent electron and hole current continuity equation

• Thermionic emission model

• Complex wave equation

• Time-dependent photon rate equation

• FEM(Finite Element Method)


LASTIP : Capabilities

LASTIP은 기본적으로 다음과 같은 출력데이타를 얻는데 사용될 수 있습니다.

• Light versus Current (L-I) Curve

• Current versus voltage (I-V) Curve

• 2D Potential, electric field and current distributions

• 2D Distributions of electron and hole concentrations

• Band diagrams under various bias conditions

• 2D distributions of occupancy and concentration of deep level traps in a


• 2D multi-lateral mode optical field distribution

• 2D local optical gain distribution

• Modal refractive index as a function of bias of cuurent

• Modal gain and index change as a function of bias current

• Spontaneous emission spectrum as a function of current

• Far-field distribution

• All of the above as a function of time (transient model), and various temperatures



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